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Have a question? Looking for support on how to complete courses in Revenue Community? Find answers with our frequently asked questions below. If you can't find what you need, contact the Advisory and Education team by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some questions in relation to how navigate and complete courses in Revenue Community, see the FAQ below.

Enrolling into a course is very easy. You will need your manager's approval before lodging a request. Once done, simply go to 'Revenue Assist', then click on 'Training request' under the quick links section.

You will then be taken to this page where you will need to complete the new training request form. Once you complete the training request form, you will be contacted by the Advisory and Education Team within 3 working days to advise you of the outcome of your request.
To answer this question, it is important to understand the structure of a course on Revenue Community. Generally, a course is made up of modules and workshops. The modules will be made up of a:

1. Study component: These are online lessons that include many interactive components and videos.
2. Knowledge check: This is the assessment component of the module containing several questions (multiple choice, missing word etc). The quiz requires an 80% minimum pass mark.

In order to progress to the knowledge check of a module, you must first complete the study component. In order to complete the study component, you must click on every interactive component within the lesson. This includes (but is not limited to): buttons, arrows, sliders, flip cards, videos and activities.

You can track your completion while you are in the lesson itself. If you return to the 'Course and Module Introduction' (home) page of the lesson, you will see completion percentage bars on each topic. They must all show 100% in order for the course to be marked complete.

Once the lesson is fully complete, the knowledge check will unlock and become available for you to access. .
Results from completed courses in Revenue Community are uploaded into myCareer within 10 days of completion. If you have completed your course within the last 10 days, you will need to wait until this timeframe has passed to see the results in myCareer.
There may be other activities associated with the course that need to be completed, such as face-to-face workshops or participant surveys. You can check your progress within a course by referring to the 'Course Completion Status' box on the right-hand side of the course details page in Revenue Community. Clicking on the 'More details' hyperlink will provide a breakdown of what has and has not been completed.

If you believe you have completed all activities within a course and it has been more than 10 days and the results are still not recorded in myCareer, please contact to investigate further.
You must receive an 80% pass mark to pass the quiz and move onto the next module. If you haven't passed please contact your manager or to have the quiz reset.

Revenue Community Navigation

Revenue Community Navigation

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